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Swan-e-set Bay Resort & Country Club (Resort)


Do you have a guide to editing courses?

If you have questions about editing a course please contact us at

How do I plot a tee or the green center marker?

You can either double click on the map where you want the marker, or drag an existing marker to the spot if it is already plotted.

Where are all of the tee types?

You can place a tee box for each tee type specified on the scorecard. If you are missing a tee box that you want to plot, you'll need to add it to the scorecard first.

Are my changes saved automatically?

No they are not. After updating all of the holes that require changes, click on save - you only need to click save one time for all changes. Your changes will be forwarded to us for approval and applying to the database. This process normally is completed the next business day after submission. Thank you for your help.

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